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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Swiss Franc Weakens This Week, Reverses Downtrend by Weekend

Swiss francThe Swiss franc was down for the second week as prospects of peg of the currency to the euro significantly reduced appeal of the franc a safe asset.

Franc’s Rally Fails on Euro-Peg Speculation

Swiss francThe uncertain economic situation on market creates great demand for safer currencies. Governments, worried by resulting appreciation, attempt to intervene to rein excessive appreciation of such currencies. Today, the Swiss franc was one of the currencies that felt pressure.

Franc Falls for Second Day on Risk Sentiment

Swiss francThe Swiss franc weakened for the second trading session as the positive macroeconomic data from Europe boosted stocks and commodities, reducing investors’ need for safety of the franc.

Franc Gains as Markets Return to Risk Aversion

Swiss francThe Swiss franc snapped its decline today as the speculation about potential slowdown of the global economic growth returned attractiveness to safe currencies.

Franc Falls as Bernanke Improves Sentiment on Markets

Friday, August 26th, 2011 Swiss francThe Swiss franc slumped today after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben. S. Bernanke spoke today, improving sentiment on markets, while rumors abound that Switzerland’s policy makers are preparing another action to weaken the Swiss

Franc Rallies as SNB Doesn’t Intervene

Swiss francThe Swiss franc gained today for the second day, snapping yesterday its three-day downfall versus the US dollar and the euro, as the Swiss National Bank hasn’t announced new measures to curb franc’s strength.

Franc Jumps as US Payrolls Show Zero Growth

Swiss francThe Swiss franc climbed today against the US dollar, extending its rally for the third day, after the non-farm payrolls showed that US employers weren’t adding jobs last month.

Record Drop of Franc After SNB Pegs Currency to Euro

Swiss francThe franc plunged today, posting the biggest decline against the euro in all times, after the Swiss National Bank decided to set limit of franc’s appreciation versus the euro.

Franc Considered Overvalued Even Pegged to Euro

Swiss francThe Swiss franc fell today against most major currencies as Economy Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann said that the currency is “massively overvalued” even after the central bank pegged the franc to the euro. The franc advanced against the euro today.

SNB Maintains Rates at Zero, Franc Strengthens

Swiss francThe Swiss franc rose today even after the Swiss National Bank left the benchmark interest rate at zero at pledged to maintain the peg of the nation’s currency to the euro.